The Hyundai Logo, How It Came to Be, And The History Of The Brand

The Hyundai Logo, How It Came to Be, And The History Of The Brand

The Evolution Of The Hyundai Logo

From its innovative design to the quality built vehicles they offer, Hyundai has become one of the globe's leading automakers. But what's the curious history behind this now iconic Hyundai logo? Let Harrisonburg Hyundai explain.

Better yet, can you spot the hidden meaning Hyundai has successfully conveyed through its globally recognized logo? Read on to learn more about the history of the Hyundai logo and how it has helped shape the brand into one of the globe's leading automakers.

Simplicity At Its Finest

During a time when logos used intricate details and various stylistic designs, Hyundai was ahead of its time by keeping its logo sleek and simple. Hyundai’s slanted “H” has grown to represent the intelligent, innovative, and dependable vehicles for which Hyundai models are known. The slanted H also does a great job aesthetically representing the speed and power of Hyundai vehicles.

Can You Spot The Double Meaning Of The Hyundai Logo?

Today, Hyundai's iconic logo is recognized in nearly every corner of the globe. But if you look closely, this simple slanted “H” hides a double meaning.

Of course, the stylized “H” represents the first letter of the brand name. Today, you'll find digital and print assets of the logo, including the printed text “Hyundai” in a simple stylized font, right under the logo.

Along with the simple “H” for Hyundai, this logo actually represents two people shaking hands. This Innovative design is meant to show a client and dealer working together. Consistent with the values of South Korean culture, where Hyundai was born, the two individuals shaking hands are meant to convey a symbol of respect.

This meaning goes beyond just showing what takes place when a car purchase occurs. The logo is meant to show the respect the automaker has towards its target audience as far as delivering a high-quality, well-built vehicle that they can depend on.

The History Of The Hyundai Symbol

It might seem as though the Hyundai symbol we all know and love has been the only one ever to exist. But much like all iconic logos, the Hyundai logo has evolved to become what it is today.

In 1969, the Hyundai logo was represented by slanted letters “H” and “D” that appeared in a stylized font. Both letters were front and center of what appeared to be a windshield. This somewhat intricate design was overlaid slightly slanted towards the left inside a larger circle.

In 1970, Hyundai updated the logo a bit by centering the “HD” and windshield shape over a horizontally shaped oval. This updated design appeared more modern and aesthetically pleasing than its predecessor.

In 1979, the Hyundai logo took an all-new approach, ditching the symbol and incorporating a type font word image instead. Written in Korean and block letters, Hyundai's new logo was very much in tune with the graphic aesthetics of the time. However, it wasn't long before the logo would evolve yet again.

In 1990, the automaker introduced its all-new redesigned logo, which is what we know it as today. The company ditched the “D” in its previous logos and went with the iconic slanted “H” instead. It wasn't long before the company incorporated the two individuals shaking hands as a way to convey its message of respect and commitment to its consumer audience.

In 2003, the automaker included a simple stylized text that read “Hyundai” in English text beside the logo. Today, this final variation has been used in print and digital advertisement to convey the global demand and integration of Hyundai vehicles.

Hyundai Logo Designs

The Future Of The Hyundai Logo

While the logo will likely not undergo a drastic change anytime soon, like many great companies, there is the potential for the logo to evolve again. If it does, it will likely be a slight variation of the current design that is globally recognized today.

At Harrisonburg Hyundai, we're proud to offer the latest models Hyundai has to offer. Stop into our showroom today to explore different models on your own and experience the respect and commitment to service that the automaker has successfully conveyed through its logo. One of our dedicated team members is ready to help you find a Hyundai that you will love for years to come.